Pretoria Pit Disaster

21 December 1910


The Pretoria Pit Disaster claimed the lives of 344 men and boys just days before Christmas 1910.  This website is dedicated to those who lost their lives, to the families struggling to come to terms with their loss and to the rescue workers who worked to recover the bodies of their comrades.

This Memorial in Ditchfield Gardens, Westhoughton was erected by the Town Council to commemorate the centenary of the Disaster.

You are invited to send information about anyone caught up in the Disaster to together with any old photographs you may have.

We have now added a new page which  may help families who have become separated over the years to find their relatives. Please refer to the messages page via the link above.

Services of Remembrance are held on the anniversary of the Disaster. To view the short service in the cemetery at St Bartholomew go to :-

For more information about

    the Disaster, please visit

This site is being created by Westhoughton Local History Group,

The Pretoria Pit Anniversary Service will be held at St Bartholomew’s Parish Church at 10:00 am on Wednesday 21 December 2016.

Last updated  December 2016